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Honors Program Courses

Honors Course Listing for Spring 2015


 The courses listed below will be offered by the University Honors Program for the 2015 Spring semester.  All honors courses must be added to your schedule at Honors Hall.   

NOTE:  a DUAL course is a class combined with Honor students and Traditional students. 



ANT 224 019  (3839)    Anthropology of Death & Dying      K. Shively      MWF     12 - 12:50 pm      OM 21


A survey of the on-going cultures of death and dying current in present-day Western society. Emphasis is on interaction with dying and grieving persons of all ages. Topics include the disaster syndrome, nursing homes, hospice, suicide, and funeral rituals. intended for the general education of non-science majors, and is not applicable to biology major programs.


COM  010 019 (3840) Fundamentals of Oral Comm.        A. Mitnick        W         3 pm - 5:50 pm         HH 3G

The course introduces the theory and practice of oral communication in presentational, interpersonal, and group contexts. Students develop knowledge of, appreciation for, and the requisite skills to communicate effectively in our culturally and professionally diverse world. Students will learn to develop, organize, and prepare messages, as well as apply active and critical listening skills. This course also prepares students to understand the role of perception, ethics, beliefs, attitudes, nonverbal signals, and stereotypical language in oral communication.


HEA 102 019 (3843)        Introduction to Health & Wellness      D. Hayduk        MWF    1 - 1:50 pm  HH 3G      

This course is designed to provide an overview of current issues impacting the health and quality of life of adults, to develop and expand a base of knowledge upon which to make informed health decisions, and to encourage development and implementation of proactive personal health management strategies.


HIS 350   (3202)      Local & Community Studies             R. Reynolds                 T          2 - 4:50 pm   HH 3G

You will be researching the history of Kutztown, PA.  In 2015 KU will be celebrating its 150th year. Dr. Reynolds is having his class research the history of the university as well as the borough of Kutztown. You will be looking at archived photos, interviewing "old timers", etc. and coming up with a "walking history of Kutztown".


MAT 123 019   (3469)          Discrete Mathematics           T. Wong          T TH     12 - 1:20 pm             LY 203           

This general Education course is an introduction to discrete mathematics, a branch of mathematics that solves problems such as finding the probability of being dealt a straight flush in 5-card poker, protecting financial information from hackers, and enabling error-free communication with astronauts in space. Course material is drawn from areas of mathematics such as number theory, combinatorics, probability, and abstract algebra. This course serves students who are interested in introductory mathematics that is not in the same vein as precalculus and calculus. measurement; probability; statistics; and computer applications. A calculator is required.  Prerequisite will be waived.


THE 210 019     Production and Performance for Young Audiences   J. Forte    MW    3 - 4:20 pm   HH 4G 

Experience in preparing and performing dramatic scripts for young theatre audiences is the focus of this course.  Selecting, adapting, and mounting manageable productions, analyzing the needs of the audience, and choosing styles of performance consistent with the material providing students with practical application of theory.  Students in this course will visit a middle school to work with students there on a dramatic production.

PREREQUISITE: THE 015 will be waived.


The sections below are DUAL enrollment courses that include Honor students and Traditional students

COM 130   (3844)     Interpersonal Comm.       A. Mitnick      T TH          9:30 - 10:50 am       LC 238


This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of interpersonal communication. It is designed to create an increased awareness and application of the concepts, skills, and strategies that are important to enable students to become interpersonally competent communicators in their personal and professional relationships


COM 170     (3859)   An Intro to Public Relations             E. Cripe           T TH     3:00 - 4:20 pm          LC 236


This course is designed as an introduction to Public Relations as conducted in business, industry, sports teams, public institutions and by political figures today. Students will examine the functions of public relations and its place within organizations and society.


CDE 231   (3845)      Advanced Typography           K. Kresge        M W F              8 - 9:50 am               SH 213

DUAL               (contact and register at CD office) 

Students in this course will further explore the possibilities of the typographic form as a means of visual communication. Emphasis will be placed on expressive typography and mastery of typographic design and layout. Students will use advanced typographic techniques to create communications solutions that might include advertisements, promotions, brochures, packaging, educational materials, books or posters among others. The primary design element utilized will be typography.   Students will learn to use typography to communicate as both art and message through experimentation, manipulation and integration of letterforms and imagery. This course may be taught either as a half-semester course or as a full semester course.


EDU 100  (3846)    Perspectives on Am. Educ.    M. DeAntonio       T TH     12 - 1:20 pm        BK 241



The course will provide an introduction and overview to the philosophy, history, sociology, and organization of American education. The study of American education will stress the relationships among social, economic, and cultural forces affecting the development of public education; historical and philosophical perspectives will be investigated.


EDU 330          (3847)       Intro to Research      Watson     T TH     5 - 6:30 pm                 BK 103

(Not for Math or Science majors) DUAL

 This course will familiarize students with the basics of the research process. It will include the structure and process of research, as well as the various types of research and strategies that support each.


FIN 375 019       Applied Investment Management (3848)        J. Walker     T TH    4:30-5:50 pm    DF 207

CT WI     DUAL  Invitation only

A small group of students, guided by a faculty member, manage a portfolio of debt and equity securities with the goal of providing an above average, risk-adjusted return. The students apply financial analysis techniques learned in this and other Finance courses to the management of a six-figure portfolio.  Funding for the portfolio has been provided by the Kutztown University Foundation. Additionally, the course includes an overview of the value investing philosophy and analysis techniques of Benjamin Graham.  May repeat course one time.