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Honors Program Courses

Honors Course Listing for Fall 2013!

The courses listed below are what was offered by the University Honors Program for the 2013 Fall semester. (This is here to give you an idea of what one semesters' offerings are like.)

 All honors courses must be added to your schedule through the Honors Program Office in Honors Hall. 

NOTE:  a DUAL course is a class combined with Honor students and Traditional students.  If you are going to be selecting a DUAL course select the HONORS section 019 


ANT 020 019               Physical Anthropology (2495)                     D. Webb        

 MWF     8 – 8:50         OM 28   


An introduction to the fossil record and biological variation of human and non-human primates and the mechanisms involved. Biological and socio-cultural factors are interrelated in explaining the evolution and variation of man.


ANT/SOC 207 019 CD/WI     Families and Social Class   J. Greenwood (2561)           

MWF     10 – 10:50     HH3G

This course will examine contemporary American families, focusing on the different ways in which social class can affect family life. Theories of social stratification will provide a foundation from which to study various social classes, including upper, middle, working, and lower classes. Family life issues to be covered in this course include mate selection, family size, childbearing patterns, marriage/divorce/cohabitation patterns, childrearing patterns, education, life chances, and social mobility. In addition, special attention will focus on the intersection of social class, race/ethnicity, and gender as multiple dimensions of advantage/disadvantage for families.


COM 010 019            Fundamentals of Oral Communication (2977)        A. Mitnick  

 TTH     9:30-10:50      HH3G


The course introduces the theory and practice of oral communication in presentational, interpersonal, and group contexts. Students develop knowledge of, appreciation for, and the requisite skills to communicate effectively in our culturally and professionally diverse world. Students will learn to develop, organize, and prepare messages, as well as apply active and critical listening skills. This course also prepares students to understand the role of perception, ethics, beliefs, attitudes, nonverbal signals, and stereotypical language in oral communication.


EDU 101 019               Teaching PreK-8: An Exploration     N. Cardenuto                

 MWF 9 – 9:50       BK 218


This course is an exploration course for students including dual certification students in the Elementary Education programs. It will build the students’ foundation knowledge and understanding of what it means to be professional educators in both Early Childhood and Middle Level education. Students will participate in numerous relevant experiences that will develop and strengthen their academic abilities and personal understanding of their role as a student pursuing certification in either the Pre K-4 or Middle level certification at Kutztown University. (Two hours of fieldwork required.)


ENG 025 019               Honors Composition (2756)           K. Mahoney              

 MWF 11 -11:50                      LY 204           


ENG 025 029              Honors Composition (2749)            K. Mahoney              

 TTH 12 -1:20                          LY 136


A first course within the Honors Program that focuses on critical reading, writing, and thinking within the arts and sciences. Satisfactory completion of this course fulfills the university requirement in composition and the prerequisite for all other upper-division writing courses.

ENG 106 019                          British Literature (3169)     J. Forsyth      

 TTH 12 -1:20                                      LY 114           


This course draws upon texts of the British Isles from the earliest known writing through the present and includes a variety of genres. In this wide-ranging course, students will read (or otherwise experience) a focused selection of British literature that explores the connections and innovations of the literature that continues to shape the world.


HEA 102 019              Intro to Health and Wellness  TBA (Pending Contract Renewal)


This course is designed to provide an overview of current issues impacting the health and quality of life of adults, to develop and expand a base of knowledge upon which to make informed health decisions, and to encourage development and implementation of proactive personal health management strategies.


HIS 015 019               History of Civilization B (2790)     J. Delaney                 

 MWF 10 – 10:50        AF 103


This course will examine the development and interaction of major world societies from the sixteenth century to the present, focusing on the evolution of Western Europe and its importance in shaping the modern world.


MAT 103 019                          Fundamentals of Math I (1517)    C. Przydzial           

 MWF   1 -1:50                 BK 241


This is the first course in a two-course sequence that is required for all Elementary Education and Special Education majors. It is restricted to only Education majors or permission of the department. Topics include problem solving; logic; set theory; mathematical systems; systems of numeration; number theory; equations and inequalities; and properties of whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, and real numbers. A calculator is required for this course.


PHI 030 019 CT                     Intro to Philosophy (1439)               J. Lizza         

 TTH 12 – 1:20             OM 280


A course designed to introduce the student to philosophic thought and terminology. Topical survey of the main branches of philosophy; epistemology; metaphysics, value theory.


POL 010 019                          American Government (2481)                     G. Hale          

 M   2 – 4:50                OM 138   


The historical background and general principles of American federal government. The congress, the presidency, administrative organization, civil service, the courts, and political processes are described and analyzed.


PSY 011 019                           General Psychology (3205)              A. Meehan    

 MW 3 – 4:20              OM 276


An introduction to the psychological bases of behavior in motivation, learning, memory, development, personality, perception, abnormal behavior, psychotherapy, attitude change, and group behavior.


CDE 130 019 CP/VL  Typography (1643)    K. Kresge       TBA (Contact & Register at CD Office)



MUS 108 019 CD       Intro to World Music (3243)                     T. Rober            

 TTH 1:30 – 2:50                     OM 158



The historical background and general principles of American federal government. The congress, the presidency, administrative organization, civil service, the courts, and political processes are described and analyzed.


WGS 010 019             Intro to Women’s Studies (3295)    C. Van Ens                

M 3 -5:50                    LC 123



This course introduces students to the fundamental issues that affect women's lives by focusing on the socially constructed definitions of women and women's roles. Specific attention will be given to women's experiences vis-a-vis family, work, education, health, and the legal system. While the primary focus will be how gender hierarchies and biases affect diverse American women, the course will also examine how these issues affect the lives of women in other cultures. The course will include readings, writing assignments, lectures, discussions, and guest presenters.