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Health Promotion and Alcohol & Other Drug Services

The mission of Health Promotion and Alcohol & Other Drug (HPAOD) Services seeks to enhance student academic success and foster a healthy collegiate environment by providing programs and services that promote wellness, reduce harm, and support responsible decision making practices.

Health Promotion and Alcohol & Other Drug Services' vision is "Striving for a healthy collegiate environment that supports students' success." 

Our team of dedicated personnel includes the director, alcohol & other drug graduate assistant, health promotion graduate assistant, and three undergraduate student coordinators.  In addition, the KU Health Ambassadors works closely with the HPAOD Services in peer-to-peer outreach to campus and surrounding communities where students reside.

We added NEW training opportunities for students.  Students can build their co-curricular experiences with programs such as the The BACCHUS Network™ Peer Certification Program and TipS® for the University certification for students.

Through programs and campus events HPAOD Services provides an interactive and cultivating experiences where students can raise their awareness of health and wellness through opportunities, programs, services, and events.

AlcoholEdu for College is provided as a continued CONNECTIONS experience for first-year undergraduate and first-year transfer undergraduate students 

Kutztown University requires that all incoming, first time students complete AlcoholEdu for College as part of their continued CONNECTION experience. This on-line, interactive program is aimed at educating students on the effect of alcohol and to help prepare first-year students make smart choices, reduce risky behaviors, and be successful in college. Kutztown University feels strongly that all students transitioning to take this course so they have a foundation of knowledge about alcohol and understand the impact that it may have on them physically and academically.  For more information about AlcoholEDU for College please email .  The experience is going LIVE on January 2, 2014 and directions on how to log-on will be sent to your KU student email account.