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Clinic Staff:
Eugene Fellin, DO, Medical Director
Dolores Hess, RN, BSN, Director for Health and Wellness Services
William J. Lendzinski, RN, BSN, Assistant Director for Clinical Services

Clinical Receptionist
Robin Hoffman

Physician Assistants:
Nancy Maulick, PA-C
Amanda Sell, PA-C

Staff Physicians:
Suzanne Adam, DO
Eugene Fellin, DO
Robert K. Hippert, DO
Eric Newman, DO
Robert Sellers, MD

University Nurses:
Charlene Boniscavage, RN
Linda Duffy, RN, BSN, CSN 
Kathy Loomis, RN
Donna Ruch, RN, BSN
Pamela Sicher, RN, BSN, BC
Cathy Tongue, RN, BSN
Janet Whitehill, RN, BSN

Substitute Nursing Staff
Kathy Blume, RN, BSN, MSN
Lisa Mason, RN, BSN
Gemma Ruth, RN, BSN
Leanne Weidner, RN, BSN