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Text Scanning and E-text from the Publisher

Text Scanning and Application of Synthetic Voice Output Software

If a student is unable to download an electronic version of a text, the student may bring the purchased textbook to Disability Services and sign an agreement to allow the office to get the binding removed, scan the textbook, and download it to a CD. In order to get voice output, download a text to speech software program (listed above) and apply it to the text document or use another software program such as the Daisy program that is provided by Bookshare or may be purchased from Learning Ally. The print shop may either tape or spiral bind the textbook after scanning, and then students are to pick up the rebound text in the Disability Services Office.

Electronic Text from the Publisher Provided to the Student

Requesting e-text from publishers may take up to a month to obtain, if available. Disability Services will check with the publisher in lieu of scanning the textbook in the office, however, the student is responsible for submitting the textbook information online using the Request Text in an Alternate Format as soon as the textbook information is available. Please note the preferred format in the comment box of the request. After receipt of the e-text the student then applies his/her software program for voice output. Students are required to verify that they have purchased a hard copy of the text.