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Requesting Accommodations

When requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is the responsibility of the individual with a disability to self-disclose to the Disability Services Office (DSO) and to provide documentation of the disability.

Disclosing a Disability

To self-disclose a disability, please complete and submit one of the following Accommodation Request forms.

Documenting a Disability

Documentation of the disability is necessary in order to establish both educationally and legally that there is a disability and to provide a rationale and support for reasonable accommodations. Click here for more information about disabiities.

Documentation must be:

    • From a professional certified in diagnosis and treatment of the specific condition (psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker or physician).
    • Presented on letterhead and include the name, title, professional credentials and signature of the evaluator. Handwritten documentation or prescription pad notes will not be sufficient.
    • Current (Click link below for specific age of documentation limits for various disabilities)
    • Include specific diagnosed disability or disabilities.
    • Provide comprehensive educational, developmental and/or medical history relevant to the disability for which accommodations are being requested.
    • Describe functional limitations resulting from the disability or disabilities and current impact on academic performance, employment or other daily activities.

Click here for documentation guidelines for specific disabilities

Please note: Kutztown University does not administer diagnostic tests. Individuals who desire testing or are referred by a professor or staff member to investigate the possibility of the existence of a disability may be referred by the Disability Services Office to external sources for testing. 

Documentation may be submitted at any time but it is encouraged to submit documentation prior to the beginning of a semester in order to provide accommodations in a timely manner.

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis during an interactive meeting with the Disability Services Office. Click here for more information on common accommodations.