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The following information is offered to assist faculty in working with students with disabilities:

Some Do's and Don'ts:
Please remember that students with disabilities have a right to use their accommodations. They may not be ignored and the student should not be persuaded either overtly or covertly into not using them. Legally, this would be considered discrimination. For example, a faculty member may not say "Why don't you try the first exam to see how you do before using accommodations." Since a student may not then re-take the first test using accommodations in an effort to improve, students should be afforded their accommodations from the start. Faculty plays an important role in assuring institutional compliance with nondiscrimination laws.

Do not ask a student if he or she has a disability. If you have concern about a student, inquire as to how the student is doing or state that you notice the student is struggling in the class and ask how you may assist. You may refer the student to a list of resources on campus and include Disability Services as one of them. During a conversation a student may disclose that he or she has a disability and is using accommodations or may ask you how to get accommodations.

Do not ask a student "what is your disability?" This is a student's private information and the question would be violating the student's confidentiality.

Do not violate the confidentiality of a student with a disability in front of the class. Always protect confidentiality.