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Student FAQS

"How and Why Would I Take my Test at the DSO?"

If a professor is unable to provide an accommodation because of a logistical problem, you may arrange to take your test at the DSO Testing Center with the professor's approval.

At times, accommodations such as test readers, computers with spell check, and distraction reduced testing rooms are difficult for professors to provide. Rather than have you go without a necessary accommodation, you may schedule your test at the DSO Testing Center.

In order to schedule an exam at the DSO Testing Center, complete and submit the form.

It must be scheduled a minimum of 3 full working days (Monday through Friday only) before the exam date. 

If your professor has supplied you with a list of your scheduled tests for the semester, you may submit all of those test requests during one sitting, though be sure that the date and time are correct!

Part of your discussion with the professor should include arrangements on how the test is to be delivered and picked up from the DSO Testing Center. The options are listed on the form and it is up to the professor to choose what will work best.

Tests must be taken at the same time as the rest of the class, unless the DSO eives written permission from the professor agreeing to another date or time.

Any permission you receive from the professor to change the time or date of your test, other than when the class is taking it, must be entered in the Comment area when registering online to test at the DSO Testing Center

If the professor indicates that you may take material with you into the test room such as a calculator, notes or text, enter that information in the Comment area on the form. DSO will also check with the professor.

"How do I Get my Accommodation Letters for my Professors?"

First you need to have your accommodation plan meeting. Then about two weeks after the new semester begins, the letters of accommodation may be ready to be picked up in the Disability Services Office (DSO) at 215 Stratton Administration Building.

You may self-disclose a disability at any time during the year. If that is the case, letters of accommodation may be ready to be picked up within a week after the accommodation plan meeting.

If you do not pick up your letters each semester, they will NOT be automatically ready for you the next semester. However, you may request them from the DSO.

After picking up the letters, deliver them to your professors during  their office hours to discuss how the accommodations will be met.

"How do I Get my Notes?"

You need to be approved for the accommodation of a note taker at your accommodation plan meeting.

Then, to request notes from our office. You must complete and submit the form.

Once you are notified by our office, your notes will be available on D2L.

If you change your schedule, withdraw from a class, or just no longer require notes for any class, notify the DSO by emailing, as soon as possible.

"How Can I Listen to my Textbooks?"

In order to request textbooks in an alternative format, see Request Textbooks in an Alternative Format.

DSO will check with the publishers to see if they can provide electronic text files. Proof of purchase of your textbooks will be required. With an e-book, you may apply a voice output software system in order to listen to your texts as you read the print. Free downloads for voice output systems are listed under Alternate Text Formats.

Or, purchase a version of a voice output software program of your choice to load your computer.

DSO can scan your textbook and provide it on a CD. You will need to agree to have the binding of your textbooks removed. The text book will be rebound.

See Procedures for Obtaining Alternative Text to explore other links for free e-text.

You may purchase your own e-books through a vendor of your choosing (Bookstore, Amazon, Ebay, etc.).

The Assistive Technology Center in the Rohrbach Library, Room 207, is equipped with the Wynn Wizard program on 3 PCs which provides voice for text. The PCs also have Zoomtext, JAWS and Open Book software programs.

Zoomtext and JAWS are available in computer labs across campus.

For more information, contact the Disability Services Office.