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Meal Plan Rollover

•All Meal Plans rollover from fall to spring semesters. If a student is not required or no longer wants their meal plan, it is their responsibility to cancel the meal plan.

Dietary Needs Procedure

• Students with special dietary needs or intolerances are invited to contact the Dining Services Office to request an appointment with Aramark's Food Production Manager to review any special requests and\or dietary concerns.


•Students may cancel their meal plan prior to, or during the first two weeks of the semester. Refunds for Block Meal Plans are determined by the number of meals consumed. Refunds for Premium Meal Plans are determined by the number of weeks of use. After the fifth week of classes, there are no refunds.

Refund Exceptions

•Military Leave Refunds

•Students who are called to or who volunteer for active military duty may be entitled to a refund of the remaining balance of their Meal Plan and any used Dining Flex Dollars. Any applicable refunds will follow the policy above

•Other Refunds

• At the discretion of the appropriate university officials, a refund may be granted for unusual circumstances.