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Letter from the Dean of Students

Dear Student, 

I would like to share some information with you about the office of the Associate Provost and Dean of Students as well as other resources available to you on campus. As a student of Kutztown University, I encourage you to take an active role in your education, both inside and outside the classroom and your safety while you are here. The faculty and staff are committed to your personal and academic success, and are ready to assist you in those endeavors. The wellbeing of our campus community relies on everyone accepting responsibility to take steps toward personal safety, to speak up if you see something that is not right and to seek help for yourself or other students when it is needed.  I realize you are busy but I want to share a few of the resources available to assist you and your fellow students with having a successful KU experience.

As you probably already know Kutztown University is a safe campus. We all know, however, that sometimes things happen that detract from that sense of being safe and secure. There may also be other circumstances, events, or behaviors that may occur which may impede your collegiate journey.

The dangerous and/or illegal use of alcohol as well as other drugs presents a serious safety and wellness concern. The Kutztown University Good Samaritan Policy and Commonwealth of Law. provide avenues to seek assistance for someone in a medical emergency due to the use of alcohol without fear of "getting in trouble". In addition programs are available through the Health and Wellness Center to engage in wellness check-up regarding your own drinking choices. These "check-ups" or screenings are designed to meet the needs of any student, regardless if they choose to drink or not.

Sexual or gender based harm is a real concern for college-age persons. This is most often linked to the use or abuse of alcohol. Information regarding KU policy, reporting procedures, and victim support can be found in the Good Samaritan Policy for Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Medical Emergencies.  KU's Heart group serves as a victim's advocacy group to assist students in need and help guide victims through the various options available.

While much of this letter has addressed several issues that are problematic in nature, there are also many opportunities for students to get involved. Over 150 registered student organizations exist to allow students to become engaged in campus governance, areas of academic or pre-professional development, or social networking. Check out the KUnited website to find one that might best suit your needs or interests.

There are many more resources available to assist students through your experience at KU. If you are stuck with a problem, issue, or simply don't know where to turn for help you can always compete a student assistance request form on this website and we can help point you to a direction or solution.

Kutztown University is a community that cares for each other. If you need help, please ask! If a friend is experiencing difficulty please refer.  We appreciate all of your efforts to keep KU safe.

Watrous Signature

Robert T. Watrous
Associate Provost and Dean of Students
Academic and Student Affairs