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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The CONNECTIONS Orientation Office coordinates and implements all undergraduate orientation programs to introduce students to the concepts of academic success, co-curricular enrichment, holistic wellness and to discover pathways to engagement. Orientation programs provide opportunities for parents & family members to support their student's transition. These programs are planned in collaboration with academic and student service units who share the responsibility for welcoming our new students and their parents & family members.

Orientation Program Goals

  1. To assist students in understanding the purpose of higher education and the process of determining their own educational goals.
  2. To introduce students to University services that will support their educational and personal goals, e.g. information technology, academic and student service departments.
  3. To facilitate initial academic advising, placement testing, course selection and registration.
  4. To familiarize students with the campus environment and physical facilities.
  5. To introduce the concepts of multiculturalism and challenge students to understand and appreciate others.
  6. To assist students in identifying costs of higher education, both in terms of financial and personal commitments.
  7. To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes and stimulates an excitement for learning.
  8. To provide appropriate information on personal and property safety and security.
  9. To promote the awareness of all aspects of campus life.
  10. To provide structured opportunities for new students and their families to meet faculty, staff and current students.
  11. To provide opportunities for both new students and their families to consider the varied transitions and changes associated with pursuing higher education.
  12. To provide the families of new students comprehensive information about academic and student service resources and programs.
  13. To provide timely and accurate information, program scheduling and other support and assistance to the Academic and Student Life units of the University.
  14. To provide employment, leadership and learning opportunities for continuing students as orientation leaders, interns and other positions through comprehensive selection, training, supervision and evaluation programs.

Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in orientation programs, entering first-year and transfer students will:

  1. Meet others and feel welcomed to Kutztown University.
  2. Adapt to the changing roles and responsibilities for themselves and their parents/family members.
  3. Convey a basic understanding and appreciation of others.
  4. Know that they are expected to be responsible members of the Kutztown community.
  5. Interpret the concept of holistic wellness and begin to evaluate their personal well-being.
  6. Understand degree requirements and relate those to their own academic program.
  7. Evaluate what success at Kutztown looks like for them and leave orientation with a clearly defined plan for continuing their path towards success through either curricular or co-curricular involvement.