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Become Part of the Connections Orientation Staff for 2015- 2016

Orientation Facilitator Position Description

General Roles and Responsibilities

Orientation Facilitators assist with the implementation of Kutztown University's fall 2016 New Student Orientation Program.

Required Qualifications

  • Sophomore or above (for Fall 2016) with 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher. 
  • Pass a Kutztown University judicial record check. 
  • Able to serve as a role model who exemplifies strong academic decision-making and a balanced lifestyle. 
  • Able to and possess a desire to connect with people with a variety of personalities and backgrounds. We welcome introverts and extroverts to apply. 
  • Possess a positive attitude with the ability and desire to:
    1. learn leadership and facilitation skills. 
    2. organize and set up events and demonstrate flexibility. 
    3. help new students adjust to life at Kutztown University. 
    4. share student expertise about attending Kutztown University. 


  • With a partner, lead a group of new students through New Student Orientation. 
  • Foster a positive transition to campus life for new students by creating an atmosphere in which students can get to know each other and feel comfortable interacting with each other. 
  • Facilitate group activities and discussions throughout new student orientation. 
  • Contribute to the organization and implementation of all aspects of new student orientation. 
  • Greet, welcome, and check-in new students and their families when they arrive for new student orientation. 
  • Represent the University in a positive and unbiased manner, regardless of personal affiliations. 
  • Familiarize new students with the campus academics, processes, geography, and culture. 
  • Serve as a resource and referral point for campus resources and student needs. 
  • Participate in all training sessions and new student orientation meetings in spring 2016. Please see Important Dates below. 


  • Develop leadership skills such as group facilitation, organization, problem solving and team building. 
  • Early fall residence hall check in, as applicable. 
  • Orientation Leaders: $8.25 per hour. Paid training in spring. 
  • Play a vital role in KU semester start-up by orienting new students and their families.

Application Instructions
First-Time Orientation Facilitators

  • Submit the application by October 23, 2015, for preferential selection. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. 
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from one of the following reference categories. Please bring the letter along with the completed application to the CONNECTIONS Orientation Office, Room 267, McFarland Student Union,  Attention: Courtney Bieber. If you would like to mail the application and letter, the address is Courtney Bieber, CONNECTIONS Orientation Office, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, PA 19530.  References can be obtained from: 
    1. Most recent past employer 
    2. Kutztown University professor, advisor, or staff member, including Residence Hall Staff. 

  • After application review, strong candidates will be invited for an interview. Interview attire is recommended. Interviews will take place starting the week of October 30, 2015, and continue through November 10, 2015, or until positions are filled. These dates are subject to change.

Important dates

  • October 23, 2015 Applications due for preferential selection for all Orientation Facilitators.
  • October 30, 2015 Orientation Facilitator candidate interviews begin. This date is subject to change

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the CONNECTIONS Orientation Office at 610-683-4088. 


 Click Here for the 2015-2016 Facilitator Application