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CDC Certificate Programs

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Become a stronger, more confident & successful student and future employee.....

by participating in two specially-designed, free, 

professional development certificates.

Climbing the ladder of success can be a long and grueling process, but it doesn't have to be

... SHATTER the ladder to success!

Career Exploration Certificate (Open to all freshmen and sophomore students - 0-60 credits)

Gain a greater understanding of yourself and the career development process.   Be better prepared to choose/confirm a major, research careers, gain related experience through informational interviewing and job shadowing experiences, and plan for a successful internship and/or related summer or part-time job search. 

Career Success Certificate (Open to all juniors and seniors  -  60+ credits)

Gain a greater understanding of yourself, employer expectations, effective job search strategies and interview skills, and the role of social media in the hiring process.  Be better prepared to conduct an internship, professional employment, or graduate school search. 

Participants receive a Certificate of Program Completion and can document the program on their resume, providing an extra opportunity to impress prospective employers and graduate schools with their motivation and drive!