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Budget FAQ's

What effect do open commitments (encumbrances) have on my budget balance?
As soon as you create a purchase requisition, it immediately decreases your available budget balance.

What happens to old commitments (encumbrances)?
Encumbrances remain on the system until full payment is made or the purchase order is closed by the Purchasing Agent at the department's request. At year end, all open commitments are carried forward to the new fiscal year along with the equivalent budget and added to the new fiscal year's base budget.

Please contact the Purchasing Department at ext. 3-4136 (on campus) or 610-683-4136 (off campus) to review or close old purchase orders.

What are departmental charge backs?
Many departments on campus provide specialized support services to other departments. For example, the University's Print Shop provides services for on campus printing. Generally, the department which provides the service pays for the initial expenditures associated with the service. After the service has been provided, its cost is charged back to the department which has received the service. Charge backs are posted to departmental operating budgets by the Budget Office.

What G/L account should I use?

See a complete listing of available G/L accounts.