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Presentation tips

Follow the three Ps for a memorable presentation


  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Carefully consider visual aids like pictures, charts, statistics, and short video clips
  • Tie your presentation to class material or other students' presentations, if possible
  • Have a Plan B just in case something goes wrong
  • Know the time limitations on your presentation


  • Practice your presentation ONE DAY BEFORE your date
  • Become familiar with your technology
  • Make sure your presentation does not fall too far under or over your time limit
  • Rehearse with friends or in front of a mirror


  • Connect with your audience by making eye contact and answering questions
  • Avoid turning your back on the audience
  • Wear appropriate clothing - avoid jeans with holes, T-shirts, flip flops or baseball caps
  • Monitor your speech and be careful not to use "uh," "like," and "you know"
  • Project your voice and articulate your words
  • Be confident, and have some fun!