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Note Taking Techniques

General Tips:

  • Taking notes is only half of your job! Read the text and review notes before class to improve your understanding.
  • Follow the pointers below to make your notes effective study aids that are easier to read:
    • Use dark, ball point pens
    • Write legibly
    • Leave blanks when you are unsure and get clarification from the instructor after class
    • Use space to separate main ideas and details
    • Mark points of emphasis
    • Underline definitions

Click a link below for specifc note taking methods.

Cornell Method T-Notes Method Outline Method Mind-Mapping Method Text Book Note Taking Tips

 Concept Lists

5 Rs of Note Taking.  Record: During the lecture, record meaningful facts and ideas. Reduce: as soon as possible after class, summarize these ideas.  Recite: Cover the main note area and using only the Key Words or Summary recall as much of the information as you can. Reflect: thinking about the information will give you the opportunity to make connects that are not easy to see in the beginning. Review: take 10 minutes after every class to review notes.


Additional Resources:  

University of British Columbia Learning Commons

 Wellness Tip:

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