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Tutoring Labs

Tutoring Services offers Math and Business peer tutoring labs. Labs offer drop-in hours to students Monday - Thursday.  These labs are located in the Tutoring Services Office at Rohrbach Library Room 30. Stop by to register for labs and start attending right away.

Math Lab offers Tutoring for the following Math sections:

MAT 17 MAT 40 MAT 103 MAT 104 MAT 105 MAT 106 MAT 115 MAT 121

Business Lab offers Tutoring for the following class sections: 

ACC 121 BUS 120 ECO 11 FIN 350 MAT 121
ACC 122 BUS 131 ECO 12 MGM 210
ACC 305 BUS 171 MKT 210
ACC 321

If you have any questions regarding Tutoring Services peer tutoring labs, please contact or (610) 683-4207 or stop by our office..