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For Tutors

Everyone knows that it is important to display good common sense when dealing with others, but you might be surprised by how easy it is to fall into traps when tutoring. All of the below information can be found on the Tutoring D2L site. Please contact Tutoring Services if you are a tutor and need Tutoring Services D2L access. 

What Grades Do I Need To Be A Tutor?

All tutors must have a 2.8 overall GPA with a 3.0 in their major!

Where Should I Tutor?

When tutoring, you want to choose a location that keeps distractions to a minimum. You also want to maintain an academic setting. The following locations are recommended for effective tutoring:

  • All tutoring should occur in the library!

Choosing a Table

Make sure to choose a table that is large enough to accommodate the activities you and your tutee(s) will be doing. Do you have enough room for books, notes and any other materials you and your tutee may need? To encourage open, two-way communication, try to sit side-by-side with your tutee. If you are tutoring small groups (2-5 people), make sure everyone is in a circle that promotes equal opportunities to participate as a talker and a listener.

Food and Drinks

Plan eating times that do not interfere with your tutoring. Small snacks and drinks are acceptable.

What Should I Wear?

The Tutoring Center does not have an official dress code, but does ask that you dress appropriately. Risqué clothing can make others perceive you as less than credible. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you want to avoid overdressing. Tutees relate to tutors as fellow students - not teachers or professionals. How you present yourself can add value to your session without a lot of effort.

Personal Hygiene

You will be working in close proximity with your tutee so be mindful that smells can be distracting. Some common odors to think about before going on duty are:

  • Excessive perfume or cologne
  • Coming straight from the gym
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Strong food odors such as coffee or garlic

Record Keeping

As a tutor for Kutztown University, it is important that you keep accurate records of your tutoring sessions. These records are used to verify your tutoring hours as well as to track tutoring contact hours as required by the state of Pennsylvania.

To organize your record keeping, please use the Tutoring Sessions sign-in sheets (pink for peer tutors, green for lab tutors). These sheets can be found at the Tutor Coordinator's Office in Rohrbach Library Room 27. Sign-in sheets must be submitted to the Tutor Coordinator's Office every Friday.