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Academic Concerns

Transitioning from high school to college level work may have been a bit more overwhelming than you had first thought. If you are having difficulty in a course(s) or with college, you will find the following resources and support services available to you at Kutztown University (KU): 

  • Talk to the professor who is teaching the course. The professor will have posted office hours, telephone number, and an e-mail address for you to contact him or her with any questions and/or concerns that you have with regard to the class.
  • Visit Tutoring Services, and/or the Writing Center. Interacting and working with a peer can assist you with developing a stronger understanding of the course content. Also, academic mentors provide workshops on important issues concerning the transition from high school to college (i.e. time-management, test-taking, stress, note-taking).
  • Schedule an appointment with an Advisor in the Department of Academic Enrichment to discuss your concerns about courses. Building a relationship with your Advisor is an important part of your college experience.
  • Talk with a counselor in Counseling & Psychological Services. Sometimes the difficulty you are experiencing in a course might not be related to the difficulty of coursework but, possibly due to personal issues.
  • Utilize Disability Services. If you are able to document that you are an individual with a disability, physical and/or learning, then you might be eligible to receive reasonable accommodations within the classroom. 
  • Withdraw from the course. If the strategies listed above do not help to improve the situation, you should make an appointment with your Advisor to discuss withdrawing from the course. Please be aware that there are published deadlines each semester for course withdrawal. Also be aware that a course withdrawal may affect financial aid, health insurance, car insurance and/or on-campus housing.
  • Are you struggling with your entire course load? If you are struggling with your entire course load, withdrawing from Kutztown University (KU) might be the best choice for you. When considering taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from KU be aware that it could affect your financial aid, car insurance, health insurance, and/or your on-campus housing. Meet with your Advisor to discuss your struggles, and check with the Registrar's Office on how withdrawing or taking a leave will affect your status as a student at KU.
  • To be in good academic standing and graduate from Kutztown University (KU), you must earn a minimum GPA of a 2.0.  If you earn a cumulative GPA below a 2.0, you will become a part of the Academic Jeopardy Program, located in the Department of Academic Enrichment in the Rohrbach Library, in room RL 27. The goal of the Academic Jeopardy Program is to help you develop a plan to improve your academic performance, return to good academic standing, and continue to make progress toward a degree at KU.