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Academic Transformation At Kutztown

A. T. A. K.

Academic Transformation At Kutztown

Academic Transformation at Kutztown is designed to help students who are struggling academically succeed.  ATAK students are selectively chosen to be a part of this small, specialized group.  Students are matched with a peer mentor who has been in a similar academic position in the past.  Groups meet twice weekly during the free period from 11-12 to discuss study skills, success strategies, and healthy habits.  Students who successfully complete ATAK are eligible to become ATAK mentors their next semester. 

Students are talking about ATAK!  

"It was good to have a touchstone on a weekly basis."

"ATAK allows me to talk about what is going on and be supported."

"The topics covered helped me dramatically."

To request an interview as an ATAK mentee or mentor, please email Laura Scappaticci, Student Success Coordinator at