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Strategic Plan

Kutztown University Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to share with you the recently updated Strategic Plan 2013-2016. In this update, we have continued to focus on improving the university's enrollment management while maintaining our focus on maximizing the results of PASSHE's Performance Funding program.

In this year's update, we have incorporated the actions that have been identified through the recently developed Strategic Enrollment Plan as key strategies to achieve our enrollment and retention goals.

The university continues to investigate strategies to reverse the decline in student enrollment and retention rates that we have experienced over the past three years. We expect the newly defined actions will transform this institution over time, resulting in a more student-centered approach in delivering university services. This cultural transformation is necessary for the university to foster an environment conducive to student success; higher academic quality; and competitiveness in our marketplace.

Some of the actions that were included in last year's plan have been completed, and therefore removed from the current plan. You can find those completed actions at the end of this document.

I praise the campus community for your efforts in attaining these actions, and for implementing a new culture of enrollment management among your units. The successful completion of the objectives in this plan still requires the coordinated, conscientious efforts of each and every one of us: faculty; staff; and administrators. While the task ahead is significant, I have confidence in the abilities of our university community and am excited to work together with all of you as we adjust to become an institution that embraces student advocacy as the core of our daily efforts.

F. Javier Cevallos

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Goal 1 - Academic Excellence: Kutztown University will promote, enhance, and recognize excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, scholarship, and research.

Goal 2 - Community Engagement: Kutztown University will partner with the community to serve the needs of the people of the commonwealth and the region.

Goal 3 - Caring Campus Community: Kutztown University will value and respect all campus constituents, celebrate diversity, and embrace shared governance.

Goal 4 - Stewardship of the University's Infrastructure: Kutztown University will maintain and enhance physical, financial, and human resources necessary to fulfill its mission.


Kutztown University Strategic Plan

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