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Kutztown University faculty and students from all disciplines are conducting research, scholarship, and creative inquiries.  They participate in activities that lead to technological advancements, historical  and cultural revelations, economic development, and better information and decision-making.

In addition to creating and disseminating knowledge, faculty who are active in their disciplines share current knowledge with their students, often utilizing examples from their own work to aid in the understanding of concepts and the relevance of those concepts in today's world.  Students who participate in research gain skills not only in their intended majors, but also in areas such as problem-solving and critical thinking, which are highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

Faculty Spotlights

Dr. Robert Ryan

Cognitive Factors that Affect Learning

Dr. Ryan has engaged several groups of students in a series of studies on math learning. Full Story

Nest Egg

The Cost of Procrastination with Respect to Retirement Planning

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), there are 38 million working-age households (nearly 45% of the total) that do not have any retirement account, either in, or out of the workplace. Full Story


Student Spotlights

Craft Show Display

Participation in the 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

Current Kutztown University students and recent graduates were selected to participated in the 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show in Philadelphia in the fall of 2013. Full Story
Scott Dougherty

Engineering a GFP Based Screening Method for Tag-fused Gene of Interest Cloning and (Co)Expression Vectors

The aim of this research project is to design two new DNA plasmids (or cloning vectors) that will be useful in the study of protein function and interaction. Full Story