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Kutztown University faculty and students from all disciplines are conducting research, scholarship, and creative inquiries.  They participate in activities that lead to technological advancements, historical  and cultural revelations, economic development, and better information and decision-making.

In addition to creating and disseminating knowledge, faculty who are active in their disciplines share current knowledge with their students, often utilizing examples from their own work to aid in the understanding of concepts and the relevance of those concepts in today's world.  Students who participate in research gain skills not only in their intended majors, but also in areas such as problem-solving and critical thinking, which are highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

Faculty Spotlights

Marine Mammal

Seasonal Variation in Behaviors of Marine Mammals at Mystic Aquarium

In addition to student projects, regional presentations, and the overall study of seasonal patterns, data from this project is also being used to generate educational activities for K-12 students. Full Story

Evan Summer

Combining Printmaking Techniques

Professor Summer combines the techniques of etching and collagraph on single printing plates to create images that have the clarity and precision of etchings and the rich, textural qualities associated with collagraphs. Full Story


Student Spotlights

Makayla Boyd

An Experimental Test of the Effectiveness of Cleaning Bird Feeders in Winter

The goal of the study was to test the recommendation of cleaning bird feeders in a 10% bleach solution once or twice a month to potentially decrease the spread of disease at feeders. Full Story
Scott Dougherty

Engineering a GFP Based Screening Method for Tag-fused Gene of Interest Cloning and (Co)Expression Vectors

The aim of this research project is to design two new DNA plasmids (or cloning vectors) that will be useful in the study of protein function and interaction. Full Story