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Fall Session Schedule:
(begins September 2)
Monday 8:00-5:30
Tuesday 8:00-4:30
Wednesday 8:00-5:30
Thursday 8:00-4:30
Friday 8:00-4:30

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DF 107 / 109
LRC Director: (484) 646-5865
Language Resource Center

Communication is: Language, Culture, Medium, Message - Welcome to the Language Resource Center

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Language Resource Center

The LRC is a specialized facility focused on serving the unique needs of students, faculty and community members who teach and learn language(s), culture(s), and communication with a 21st century approach.

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Registration open for our 2015 World Languages Meet!

Our 2015 World Languages Meet will be on Tuesday, March 17.  We invite local area French, German and Spanish teachers to put together a team of up to 18 of your brightest students to compete in our language skills competitions on our campus.  More information and the registration form are available on our WLM website.  

See our events calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Now Hiring for Spring 2015

The Language Resource Center is now hiring Student Assistants for Spring 2015. Please submit a completed application form, a resume (be sure to include second language proficiency and technology proficiency), and your Spring 2015 school/commitment schedule.

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