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Fall Session Schedule:
(begins September 2)
Monday 8:00-5:30
Tuesday 8:00-4:30
Wednesday 8:00-5:30
Thursday 8:00-4:30
Friday 8:00-4:30

Contact the LRC
DF 107 / 109
LRC Director: (484) 646-5865
Language Resource Center

Communication is: Language, Culture, Medium, Message - Welcome to the Language Resource Center

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Language Resource Center

The LRC is a specialized facility focused on serving the unique needs of students, faculty and community members who teach and learn language(s), culture(s), and communication with a 21st century approach.

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See our events calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Now Hiring for Spring 2015

The Language Resource Center is now hiring Student Assistants for Spring 2015. Please submit a completed application form, a resume (be sure to include second language proficiency and technology proficiency), and your Spring 2015 school/commitment schedule.

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Francais French
Guoyu Chinese
Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch PA German
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